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Countryside Communications - What is Digital Radio?

Countryside communications are specialists in the provision and installation of all the necessary distribution equipment required for DAB distribution systems. Digital is a way of transmitting sound and pictures as computerised bits of information. This takes up much less space in the airwaves (bandwidth) than the traditional (analogue) system, so there is room for more radio stations and other features.

It is often called DAB digital radio. DAB stands for digital audio broadcasting, the name of the transmission system.

What does digital radio give me?

The main benefits are:

More radio stations: national, local and regional radio, and stations catering for all kinds of interests and groups of people; many are digital-only

Better reception: none of the hiss, crackle, fading or station overlap that you get with AM or even FM radio

Easy tuning by pressing a button: no need to remember frequencies, fiddle with a dial to get a good signal, or retune your car radio when on the move

Display screen on the radio: gives you information about what you're listening to (such as song details, news headlines, email addresses); some radios now have an electronic programme guide (EPG)

Radio on TV and online: digital radio stations also broadcast via digital TV and on the internet

Countryside Communications provides the installation solutions and necessary distribution equipment for your clients to enjoy high quality radio.

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